Rescue Pets Game

Do you want to be part of making a game that helps real animals?

Rescue Pets is an addicting mobile, incremental game that needs your help. We want Unity developers, 2D artists, 2D animators, game designers, social media managers, and animal shelter liaisons. Are you passionate and have a skill not listed here that you think could be useful? Tell us a bit about yourself and your idea. We’d love to hear it.

We would prefer to find people near Seattle who can meet at least once a week in-person. Work can be done remotely or in-person. Passionate about the project but outside of Seattle? Contact us, anyway.     

Recommended Qualities:

  • You are passionate about making games
  • You want experience from real game developers to help you get into the game industry
  • You are excited to be able to help make a difference in the lives of real animals!

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of a startup that makes the world a better place while growing your skillset in the process. Payment is limited but negotiable. This is an exclusive opportunity to work on something meaningful that could result in a full-time position in the future. We are looking for people as soon as possible.

Look below to see more specific details:

Software Developer / Game Developer Intern

Are you new to developing games? Have you only dabbled at learning Unity? Want real-world experience making a game that helps real animals?

Work with a former Senior Software Engineer from Amazon. We can help you grow your skills in Unity to get into the game industry. This is an experience you can’t get in classes.

I love finding projects for developers to work on that they can specifically show to people to say “I did this.” In my years interviewing at Amazon, I know that being able to say you built a specific feature can be a huge boost to your hiring potential. 

Software Developer / Game Developer

Are you tired of working for software companies on passionless projects? Don’t you want to work on something that breathes life into you again? This is your chance.

We care about flexible, maintainable code. We understand that start-ups have to move quickly, but know that it’s the long-term game that matters. We will prioritize cleaner code to make sure it’s not a nightmare later on.

If you have experience in games or software, this is your chance to work on something more meaningful in a place that also cares about software longevity. Whether you can only work part-time or you want to dive in headfirst into an adventure of a lifetime, we can help.  We might not be able to pay as much as other companies (yet), but the joy you get from seeing real dogs get saved from your contributions is incredible. This is an exclusive chance to be a part of our mission before it’s too competitive. 

2D Game Artist / Graphic Designer

Rescue Pets is the perfect opportunity to help you grow your portfolio and gain followers – all while making a difference to real animals’ lives 🙂

Are you experienced in vector art? You can design cute dogs, cuddly cats, costumes, shelters, UI features, social media posts, and more! 

Do you just love drawing cute, cuddly animals, but aren’t very skilled at photoshop or vector art? That’s great, too! We can work with your skillsets to 

2D Animator

We are looking for 2D bone-based animators. We currently use Anima 2D in Unity. We’re open to other frameworks like Spine or Dragonbones if you’re skilled in them and they meet our needs.

Sound Design / Composition

If you’re passionate about animals and want to help us with our game sounds/music, let us know! We can’t offer any payment for sounds at the moment, but if you’re willing to donate any cute, heartwarming sounds or music, we would love to promote you!

Game Designer

If you love our game and love getting people engaged in games in general, this might be a perfect fit for you. Work with our custom idle game language to create an experience that will keep our players engaged and raving about our game.

Social Media Marketing

Do you just really love animals and want to help us but don’t have any technical experience? If you’re familiar with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, our social media marketing position may be perfect for you. You don’t have to have any previous official marketing experience to help us out! 

+1 If you have experience using apps to create your own social media posts/videos. If you don’t, we can help you learn (it’s not complicated). It may lead to an interesting job position for you in the future!

Animal Shelter Liaison

We are looking for someone to help us coordinate with animal shelters. If you really love animals, this is a great opportunity to go to shelters and interact with real animals while helping us. It would take just a few hours a week.

3D Modeler / Rigger / Animator

If you’re a 3D artist/animator that loves animals and want some experience for your portfolio, we might have the perfect fit for you. We want to experiment with 3D dogs to see how they could work for future versions of our game. We don’t have any paid positions for this, but a paid position could open up and you would have great real-world experience for your portfolio.  


If you have a skill set not listed here that you think could be helpful for us, please contact us. We’re open to any ideas to help us help as many animals as possible.