Rescue Pets Game


~Have Fun And Help Animals~


Our Mission is to improve the lives of animals everywhere. We believe that games can be a link between players and non-profits. While you play and have fun, we find ways to help non-profits that work so hard to help animals. 


We focus on three pillars that will change the world with your help:


1. Sponsoring Rescues + Adoptions – We use profits to help real shelters rescue animals, pay for medical costs, food, transportation, etc. Today, we work with specific shelters, but we’d love to get people directly connected to their local shelters in the future!


2. Raising Animal-Care Awareness – We spread practical advice to pet owners and shelters, so everyone takes better care of animals. Our dream is to make top-tier knowledge about taking care of animals and managing shelters commonplace, so people and shelters can share their best practices all over the world!


3. Increase Community Activity – We inspire people to volunteer and attend events with their local shelters – critical for animal well-being across the world.  Volunteering and fostering are critical for achieving a world-wide goal of having all shelters be No-Kill. We want to help people and shelters get inspired to volunteer and learn to be amazing fosters.


I look forward to all the love we can spread to the animals that give us so much unconditional love!

Read more about our game and what it’s doing in our FAQ.

Who Are We?

Dan Scalise – Creator and Developer

I want to make the world a better place using games. I chose to start by helping animal shelters. Animals bring joy to so many people’s lives, and we can help them, too. I wanted to give people an easy way to contribute to real animals’ lives, so I quit my job at Amazon and started working on Rescue Pets. Thanks for being part of my journey!


I also run a game design and development blog called What’s in a Game. If you like games, check it out!

You can read a story about my cat here.

Johnson Do – Character and Graphic Design

He’s passionate about spreading happiness. See his website for his original character Bae-Bee, a bee-puppy hybrid that brings joy to everyone who sees him!


Johnson also does other freelance work. You can find his portfolio here. For us, he created all the art you see in the game – the dogs, the costumes, the buttons, and those cute drawings you see throughout! He also made the website, shirt, and cute bone business cards.


Justin McDaniel – Developer

Justin has been interested in technology ever since he received his first game console as a child. He began his programming journey one fateful day in his early teens when he discovered that the virtual pet game he was playing online at the time allowed him to create a custom web page for each of his in-game pets and provided an introductory guide on writing HTML to accomplish this. He describes the experience as feeling like he had just unlocked the keys to the closest thing to magic this world has to offer. 


These days Justin does not have as much time as he would like to explore every game that comes out, but he still enjoys digging into the latest video games when he can. You can also find him reading fantasy and science fiction novels, binging cooking and video game-related videos on YouTube, or hanging out in random coffee shops.

Tye Hastings – Sound and Music

Tye’s been writing music and playing with sounds since childhood. He loves helping fulfill a project’s vision through audio. He has a yellow lab puppy, Archie, that loves to play and snuggle. Outside of puppies and audio, he enjoys soccer, cooking, and video games. 


View his portfolio here.



More Coming Soon

If you are passionate about animals and want to help us, contact us. I’m sure there’s some way we can work together.