Rescue Pets Game


Our mission as developers and players is to improve the lives of animals and people that care about animals. Work with us! If you have any suggestions on how to achieve this mission. Contact us here.

It's been a while, what are you doing now?

We’ve made some new games and merch! Check out to see what we’ve been up to. We’ve donated over $15,000, rescued over 35 dogs, and sponsored puppy parties to raise awareness thanks to our players and other games! Thanks everyone!! Rescue Pets has been put on hold for now, but you can still download it on iOS.

How does playing help real animals?

When you make a purchase in the game or watch ads, we donate 20% to specific non-profits that help animals. I make sure that our donations go to help the animals specifically. In the game, you can see what animals we’ve sponsored!

Our money tends to go to buying animals in high-kill shelters about to be euthanized, transporting them to no-kill shelters, training them, unexpected medical costs, and more.

In 2020, our players raised enough money to help 12 dogs find forever homes! Update as of 2023: We’ve donated over $15,000, rescued over 35 dogs, and sponsored puppy parties to raise awareness thanks to our players and other games! Thanks everyone!!

Playing will help us test the game on multiple devices and expand our audience to make sure we can help as many pets as possible!

Additionally, read our mission to learn more about our long-term plans.

What animals are in the game?

At the moment, we have a cute little Corgi and Wrigley, a mutt you can unlock. We chose to limit the number of animals during early access to be able to test the game faster and make it a more enjoyable experience.

How can I help even more?

Play our other games:

Give us a 5-star rating on the App Store or Google Play. If we have a high rating and a lot of users, more people will download and we will get more help for our mission!

Share the game as much as possible. We are a young company and don’t have much marketing budget. Any pet lovers you can get to subscribe to people will help a bunch!

We are looking for passionate players to subscribe to our testing phase. You will get updates earlier than everyone else and be a part of a community truly passionate about making this game better. It will be fun. Please contact us here to get more info.

I want to help animals, but this isn't my type of game. Can I still help?

We have NEW Games! Checkout our other website:

We understand that Rescue Pets is early in the development phase. Please stay connected to us in social media to see our impact on shelters over time and future projects that will be more suited to your taste.

Contact us and give us feedback on what changes we could make to make you love the game or what type of game you would be interested in. This will help us with future projects.

Can you think of any friends that love animals? Telling as many people as possible will help us save even more animals.

You can also buy our merch, or donate to shelters directly.

Does the game model real animal shelters?

At this early stage in development, we decided that fully modeling a real shelter would be too costly and early prototyping showed us that people wanted to focus on one dog. As funds start coming in and the community desires more shelter simulation features, we will add these appropriately.

In the meantime, the simple version we’ve created is attempting to raise awareness on what shelters need, such as donations from people like you. As we get closer to launch we will be adding more features to help you learn about real shelters while playing. Please send us ideas on how we can help raise awareness together.

I own a business that helps animal, too. Can we connect?

Of course! Please contact us. We would love to partner with more animal-loving businesses. 

If you are an animal shelter or a non-profit, it might be possible for us to do an in-game special event to help you. Let us know what your needs are and how we can help!