How to Master The Rescue Pets Event Leaderboards

Published: Jul 3, 2020 ~ Dan Scalise

Our special events aren’t just addicting fun and cute costumes. You can compete with your friends and the world in our ranking system! Only the top 10 will win the Gold Event Crown.


Plus, we sponsor a new animal’s rescue in each event. We work hard to make sure at least 20% of our event profits go straight to helping the specific animal. Thanks for your support! Check out our blog to see the past animals our players have supported.



How Rank Works:


For the duration of our event, on the top-left corner of the screen, you can see your current rank. It compares your shelter points with all of our players in the event! Click your rank to get a bigger view of it, with your dog’s name! The window that pops up is very useful for sharing with your friends because you can see your dog’s name and costume along with your rank! Take screenshots and share!


Also at the top, you’ll notice it says “Next: XXX Shelter Points.” The player one rank above you has this many shelter points, and you can beat it! We only reload the rank every 5 min, so please be patient if it doesn’t update right away. 


The top 10 players at any time will see their corgi wear the CROWN! You only keep the crown at the end of the event if you are in the top 10 at the end. It can easily change so never give up!



How to get a high rank?


– Keep getting more Shelter Points in Shelter by upgrading assets like Food, Toy, Bath, etc! Look for the assets that increase your Shelter Points (the icon that looks like a house). 


Only your base Shelter Points count towards rank (the shelter points at the top of the screen when it’s white). Using Health Potions and Cute Pix boosts, and petting won’t affect your rank. They are still very important to temporarily increasing your Shelter Points to help unlock things quicker, but will not increase your Rank!


– Use Treats consistently to get more gold even faster! (Pro-tip: you can combine treats with Instant Cash. Just use a treat first to get more Gold/second. Then use an Instant Cash to make it rain Gold!)


– Tell your friends to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! We give everyone a 2x boost for a day if we meet our follower goals! (We also share more tips on the game on these platforms, so make sure you’re following)


Top 5 Tips:


1. Never Give Up

This is a lesson that’s dear to my heart ~ and it applies to Rescue Pets, as well! Rank can change very easily. Sometimes, the top players may think they’re far ahead of the rest and take a break. It’s then that the diligent players who keep coming back to collect their idle cash, pet their Corgi, and upgrade assets for their shelter will catch up. Treat boosts, and consistent idle reward collection can make a HUGE difference. 

2. Use Treats Consistently

Treats give you extra gold! Make sure you come back to the game when they expire to activate more. This will give you the edge against the others.


We have a 4x treat that lasts a whole week! This is perfect for making sure you’re using all your time in the event wisely! Find it in the green Pawprint tab under the Gold Boost Treats ribbon.


Combine these with Instant Cash to get outrageous amounts of gold RIGHT NOW! In our pawprint tab, we have Instant cash buttons that are special for the event that are cheaper than normal instant cash items with a MUCH larger effect!


3. Buy our Event Rescuer Pack!

Our Starter pack has treats and materials to get you off on the right track to the event! If you just want the adorable costumes, this will help you out! If you want to be in the top 10, this can give you the edge! PLUS, this will support animals like Treble. Check in the game and on our social media to see the animal we’re sponsoring now.


4. Become a Pet Superhero!

Want 2x Gold all the time? Go to our shop and become a Pet Superhero! For only a dollar or two a week, you can get this thrilling gold boost to keep you ahead of the pack WHILE helping Dog Gone Seattle and our mission! Thank you so much! This helps us make the game better, too!

– Dan Scalise (Developer, Creator of Rescue Pets)

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