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Independence Event - HELP MR BIG!

Published: July 2021, Dan Scalise

Mr Big, our pit bull rescue of the month

Hello Rescuers! Meet Mr. Big!

We’re partnering with NW Canine Coalition and Forgotten Dogs Rescue to support Mr. Big! 20% of your purchases in Rescue Pets this month will go to help him with his recovery, rescue, and advertisements for him to find a forever home.

Mr. Big - FDR #3

You can play Rescue Pets for free to support Mr. Big while you have fun with your corgi! When you spend money or watch ads, we donate 20% to the organizations that have supported Mr. Big!


Forgotten Dogs Rescue has helped him get back on his feet after his painful early life. Now that he’s ready for a forever home, NW Canine Coalition is helping him find one!  We want to help these organizations to thank them for all the hard work they’ve done to support him. 10% of your purchases this month go to each of the organizations.


If you have any issues with the event or have any other questions or comments, email

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We have tips on how to get in the top ten of our leaderboard. Now is also a great time to get our Pet Superhero Boost Subscription! You’ll get a 2x gold boost for as long as you’re subscribed and it’s just a dollar to get started! Just download our game, and find it on the pawprint page at the bottom! 


Each purchase has enabled us to sponsor TrebleNaiaKona, and more, and we are MEGA grateful for that.

– Dan Scalise (Developer, Creator of Rescue Pets)