Rescue Pets Game

Rescue Pets Game Tips/FAQ

Want to be the best rescuer this event? Find the best tips here on how to keep that Gold Crown and play to help a real animal.

Rescue Pets Game Tips / FAQ

Published: Jul 2, 2021 ~ Dan Scalise

how to enter event

How to Enter Special Events

Find the event in the Purple “Shelter” tab and Click Enter.


Not Appearing? 

If the “Enter” button is not appearing, switch to a different tab and switch back.

If that doesn’t work, close the app and reopen it.

How to Complete More Stages?

Love helps you complete stages! See the bar at the top of the screen? The more you Love your pet, the faster it fills!


Petting your dog by tapping on the screen gives your dog love!


Upgrade Petting to increase the Love per Tap.


Buy assets like Food and Toys to give Love per Second.


Use the Ad Stage Speed Boost in the dark blue skills tab (with the timer on it) to x2 the speed that the stage bar fills.

How to Get More Love Per Second

Upgrade Assets like Food, Medicine, Toys, and Bath. 


Use Health Potions and Cute Pix to temporarily increase your Love Per Second to help you unlock other assets faster!


After Ascending, you can summon Relics to increase Love Per Second earned from Assets. Relics are the key to reaching 1 Billion Love Per Second.