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July 4th Featured Shepherd!

Published: Jul 2020, Dan Scalise

Hello Rescuers! We’re partnering with Dog Gone Seattle to feature a dog they just rescued! We pledge to donate 20% of our purchases during our July 4th event to help him with his recovery, rescue, and any medical issues he may need. Here’s what we know about him so far:


I am a male, brown german shepherd mix. The shelter staff thinks I’m around 2 years old, and I’m coming from California

He doesn’t have an adoption page yet (as of July 2), but here’s a list of dogs at Dog Gone Seattle. He’s eagerly awaiting meeting his new foster mom on Sunday. After that, we should get more pictures to share and learn more about him! Follow us to stay notified on him.


July 8: Update from his foster:

I named him Ludo and he is settling in well. He won’t be listed until he is ready for meet and greets which will be awhile. 
I attached a few photos of Ludo for you. He’s a hot mess, but very sweet. 

Ludo is a sweet boy being fostered in Dog Gone Seattle

You can play Rescue Pets to support Ludo and help us rescue even more animals in the future. When players spend money, we donate to Dog Gone Seattle to pay for transportation, medical, and other costs related to their fostering program.


Also, we are looking to work with more shelters across America. If you know a small shelter that does good work, tell them to contact us at


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Each purchase has enabled us to sponsor Treble, Naia, Kona, and more, and we are MEGA grateful for that. If you’d rather donate directly to Dog Gone Seattle, you can do that here


– Dan Scalise (Developer, Creator of Rescue Pets)