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Meet Red – Our Featured Foster for PAX East!

Meet Red, our featured rescue for PAX East! He was saved from euthanasia and you can play to support him over the convention!

Meet Red!

Published: Feb 2020, Dan Scalise

Hello Rescuers! We’re partnering with Dog Gone Seattle again to feature another rescue: Red! Dog Gone Seattle rescued Red from a shelter in Texas where he was about to be euthanized. He now lives in a foster home and you can tell he’s happy about it:

You can find his adoption page here, along with other dogs from Dog Gone Seattle. Dog Gone Seattle’s mission page is an excellent read if you want to learn more about how they save animals like Red from the brink of euthanasia and put them into foster homes until they find healthy homes for them.


You can play Rescue Pets to support Red and help us rescue even more animals in the future. When players spend money, we donate to Dog Gone Seattle to pay for transportation, medical, and other costs related to their fostering program.


We have tips on how to get in the top ten of our new player leaderboard that will help you get an exclusive prize from our booth in person (and bragging rights of course!)


Now is also a great time to get our Pet Superhero Boost Subscription! You’ll get a 2x gold boost for as long as you’re subscribed and it’s just a dollar or two to get started! Just download our game, and find it on the pawprint page at the bottom! 


Each purchase has enabled us to sponsor Treble, Naia, Kona, and our future dogs, and we are mega grateful for that. If you’d rather donate directly to Dog Gone Seattle, you can do that here

– Dan Scalise (Developer, Creator of Rescue Pets)