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October 2019 – Rescue Pets Monthly

If you love animals, this is a journey worth being a part of. What we’re doing is beyond just playing our game – it’s about SAVING animals’ lives and showing them the same unconditional LOVE they show us.

October 2019 - Rescue Pets

Published: Oct 2019, Dan Scalise

Welcome to the first post in a quarterly series that documents our journey to save animals that we share together.

If you love animals, this is a journey worth being a part of. What we’re doing is beyond just playing our game – it’s about SAVING animals’ lives and showing them the same unconditional LOVE they show us. 

What went well this month?

September has been a wonderful month for us. We finally launched Rescue Pets and had hundreds of people playing! Thank you to all who played and gave feedback! If you have any feedback or feature requests, please contact us here.


We’ve also made progress towards our first real-world impact started. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who paid this month! These payments are going straight towards our first partnership with Seattle Humane, which will help a real animal find a loving home!

birthday costume corgi

Our most sold in-app purchase is the dynamic birthday costume, of course! People love that they can PARTY with their pet! If you’ve haven’t purchased it yet, you can find it in the costume tab in the app. Remember, EVERY purchase will help real animals!


What did we learn?


Players have inspired me on the direction to take the game. Your feedback has given me a list of things to work on. Thank you!


Personally, I’ve had a rough month that has taken some time away from me working on the game. Through this, I’ve realized that I need more help from people to develop and promote the game. If you are PASSIONATE about helping animals and want to help us develop, test, or promote the game, be sure to contact us and SHARE our game with your fellow animal lovers. Let’s Rescue Pets together! 


On the development side, I learned that developing for iOS can be a struggle. Apple has a very thorough process for getting apps on the App Store approved. Those of you on iOS noticed some bugs that lasted a while while I was working with Apple on getting these updates approved. I’ll keep this one in the memory book for you all, even if it’s embarrassing for me:

Early Access Corgi Costume Bug. Oops!That’s not how you wear a shirt, Corgster!


Luckily, the latest update fixes this bug. So, if you haven’t yet, DOWNLOAD it and check out what it’s supposed to look like! (You only have until the end of October to unlock all the pieces of the early access costume, so get it before it’s gone!)


What’s next?


For October, I’m looking forward to launching HALLOWEEN costumes for your Corgi! Look forward to this update and try to unlock every costume before it’s gone!


Also, keep in mind, the Early Access Costume will be removed from the game at the end of October. Unlock all parts of it before then!


In the meantime, I’m working with Seattle Humane to get our first real-world impact started. Look forward to the announcement soon!


Follow us to stay tuned to updates! Please think of a friend that has been touched by an animal and SHARE our mission with them. Let’s Rescue Pets Together!

– Dan Scalise (Developer, Creator of Rescue Pets)

My Cat – Itty-Bitty

My Cat, Itty-Bitty

Published: August 2019, Dan Scalise

When I was in 9th grade, my cat at the time, Precious, had a litter of 5 kittens. One of these kittens couldn’t see well because an infection kept covering up his eyes. These were all outdoor cats since we were in rural Michigan. We felt it was too dangerous for him to stay outside, my Godmother took this kitten to her place to take care of him. We called him Itty-Bitty.


Itty-Bitty posing proudly during our reunion!

13 years later, he’s still kicking… especially my feet! He’s not as itty-bitty as he used to be. I finally got a chance to visit home, and it was so lovely seeing him! He remembered me instantly and after a few minutes of petting, attacked my feet like he used to do when he was a kitten.

He got a chance to go back to where he was born. He loves sniffing around outside and getting lovin’ inside. Although he’s a bit more tired than he used to be.


I couldn’t use my laptop my whole visit for more than 10 min before this would happen.
This is how games get delayed!

So, yes. You can expect cats to be in Rescue Pets! Give us some time to get everything set up. In the meantime, playing and giving feedback will help us get the game ready to support cute, cuddly kitties, too!

- Dan Scalise (Developer, Creator of Rescue Pets)