Rescue Pets Game

The Spooky Shelter

Published: Oct 2019, Dan Scalise

Corgster was feeling a bit sad. He had several costumes but didn’t know what to be for Halloween. He asked the Rescue Pets Players to get some ideas – and they responded!

They said – BatDog, Dogzilla, and MerDog, but where would he get these outfits? 

He peeked out his window and what did he see? 
A SPOOKY SHELTER on the other side of the tree!

He walked out of the room
and howled at the moon
preparing himself for all the costumes.

He knew there’d be pets waiting to be adopted.
So, he put on his cape and said, “Let’s get started!”


Get as many adoptions as you can this Halloween week so Corgster can dress up and collect all outfits before the Spooky Shelter closes! We’re also sponsoring our first REAL dog this week! Thanks to Dog Gone Seattle and all our players out there!

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– Dan Scalise (Developer, Creator of Rescue Pets)